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Best Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo 2022 Reviews & Top Picks

Best Cordless Trimmer Blower review

Cordless trimmer and blower combo can be perhaps the best answer for a perfect, all around prepped yard that is liberated from undesirable grass and weeds. These lithium-ion fueled devices mix to ensure more helpful yard upkeep.

A cordless string trimmer will easily manage excess and edge even too far regions. Then, at that point, a blower eliminates garbage and decorations off your yards. Because of appropriate management, you get to build yard thickness and reduce weeds.

With regards to picking a weed eater blower combo that is directly for you, It may appear to be confusing to you where to begin. 

Keep on reading to know about the six best cordless trimmer blower combo.

The Top Six Best Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo

  1. Greenworks GMAX 40V Cordless String Trimmer and Leaf Blower Combo Pack
  2. DEWALT String Trimmer DCST925 and DCBL720 Combo Set
  3. Makita XT286SM1 LXT Brushless Cordless 2 Pieces Combo Kit
  4. WORX Cordless String Trimmer and Blower WG929.1 Combo
  5. Black+Decker 40V Cordless Sweeper and String Trimmer
  6. Ego Power+ ST1502LB String Trimmer and Blower Combo Kit

Greenworks GMAX 40V Cordless String Trimmer and Leaf Blower Combo Pack

  • Best Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo


Power Source:Battery Powered
Item Weight:7.8 Pounds

The item from the Greenwork brand is a genius, and the manufacturers also know that people nowadays like having combo packages. It is because the packages are helpful for multiple tasks. Let’s see what this trimmer cum blower has got.

First of all, you need to know that Greenworks GMAX 40V addition provides mostly home appliances for owners that one can easily use. A wide range of products from Greenworks GMAX is popular, but a trimmer and leaf blower is pretty necessary.

It has a motor mounted that works while trimming, and the blades are also located on the front; it’s easy to keep balance. As it is cordless and doesn’t require a plug-in, it has an energy system. That is a battery powered which is 2.0 Ah; the package comes with a charger to get it charged for using it.

The battery here is of high quality, and it ensures durability because it’s a Li-ion one. Once you charge the battery, you can work for 45 minutes at a stretch. It has a speed control system that leads you to have a variety of speeds per your requirement.

The 40V item has an axial fan that delivers an excellent speed and helps the machine blow the leaves around. The trigger and cruise are optimized well, which makes the item more balanced. The battery doesn’t take more than an hour to charge fully.


  • The power source is a battery
  • It comes in two colors: green and black
  • The package dimensions are respectively 64.5, 7.5, and 11.75 inches.
  • The cut path here is 12” and the auto feed head has nearly 0.65 linear diameter.
  • The string trimmer and blower delivers 110 mph speed and 390 cfm.
  • The battery and chargers are compatible with some other 2 Ah and 4 Ah models.

Highlighted Features

Battery Life

You don’t need to look for a long warranty period for the batteries, at least because they have a long lifetime. They last for a long time in one charge, and they won’t get damaged so easily. So, you don’t have to be worried about replacing the batteries shortly.


The total package weighs nearly 7.8 pounds that means the string trimmer has less weight. It is easy to carry a lightweight trimmer plus blower.

Power System

It is not gas-powered as it has a battery powered for energy-providing, making it safer, and the fuel or maintenance is not expensive.


It is easy to use, and while choosing an item as a home appliance or for regular uses, you will prefer the easy-going thing. The manual is also there to help you operate the more trimmer string.

Dewalt combo String Trimmer DCST925 and DCBL720 Combo Set

  • Best Cordless Trimmer Blower reviews


Power Source:Battery Powered
Cutting Width:13 Inches

Dewalt combo is another legendary brand with many machinery items, including drills, blades, or even trimmers. The second one on the list is DCSY925, and the DCBL720 combo set is the best-selling of all.

This is another item that is battery-based and trims a loaded area like a shredder. If you want to trim large grasses or similar items, you can choose the product for yourself. It also comes with a charger as it is cordless, and the battery needs to be charged.

The total voltage here is 20V, and that’s why the total electricity consumption or modification is less than some string trimmer. The trimmer gear drive amplifies the energy transmission and enhances the speed of blow and torque.

The combination has double parts, which are DCST925 and DCBL720; each impacts some of the item’s characteristics. It is handheld, but you can easily grip it while blowing the dirt or leaves.

The battery cell is also made of lithium-ion; the item’s model number is DCKO975M1; the item part number is also the same. The 13″ cutting swath and the 0.08 linear diameter comes from the DCST925.


  • The cutting width here is 13 inches.
  • You can find two types of colors here, and they are the traditional ones: yellow and black
  • It has a battery attached to the machine as the power source.
  • The dimensions of the total package is 12.91 inches, 9.37 inches, and 35.83 inches.
  • It can blow up to the air volume of 400 cubic feet per minute.

Highlighted Features

Battery Life

It is a brushless machine that easily creates blow without hurting the motor too much; this is because it increases the running time. Thus, the total battery life increases and you don’t have to worry about its charge being dismissed.

Air Output

The specially designed axial fan is good enough to produce a lot of air that blows and clears everything. It creates an air speed of nearly 90 meters per hour.


You can have a finely cut grass lair on the ground or even around a pool deck if you want because it has got a 13” swath to cut.

Easy Operating System

If you follow the manufacturer manual and get introduced to the machine well, you can properly use it. The machine may not seem to be like a lightweight one as it weighs more than 18 pounds, but it is still easy to carry.

Makita XT286SM1 LXT Brushless Cordless 2 Pieces Combo Kit

  • MakitaCordless Trimmer Blower Combo
  • Best Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo


Power Source:Battery Powered
Item Weight:19 Pounds

Makita is another fantastic brand that produces first-class electronic items for both personal and professional purposes. That’s why it is evident that a trimmer from this brand will take place among the leading ones.

It is also a battery-powered item like the previous ones, and that’s why you shouldn’t worry about the fuel to energize. However, it is a zero-emission item that creates very low noise, and it’s not necessary to wear earpieces while working.

Do you know why it is a two-piece? Because the string trimmer and blower are not installed in the same machine, they come separately. Both of the attachments are 18V, but the battery in the package is more powerful (4 Ah). It may take longer to charge the battery fully, but it also lasts longer.

It has an automatic torque drive feature that adjustable handles the circulation and air generation together. The cordless string trimmer cuts with a clean finishing, and the motor works for the blower to provide nearly 460 CFM volume. The velocity of the air here is 116 miles per hour which is pretty speedy but not bothering.

Once you attach the items, the trimmer’s blade and the blower’s in-line fan make a perfect balance.


  • The trimmer weighs only 6.5 pounds, but the whole package is almost 19 pounds as it’s a 2pc.
  • The Lithium-ion battery has a star symbol, indicating that it has star protection.
  • Package dimensions here are 37.6 inches, 15.55 inches, and 7.1 inches.
  • The in-line diameter range is 0.08-0.095.

Highlighted Features

Speed Variations

The tool offers a wide range of speeds that is 4000rpm-6000 rpm; it has three-speed options. They are 4000, 5000, and 6000 rpm, and you can set any of these according to your requirement.

Battery Life

has no carbon brush that is a plus point for the motor’s life; moreover, the battery optimizes the energy so that it always ends up saving up to 50%. That’s why you don’t need to charge it more often. Besides, it can have long battery life.

Ergonomic Design

It has an ergonomic design that helps to utilize the machine properly and the energy to divide appropriately.

Extreme Protection Technology

The extreme protection technology ensures that the cutting process doesn’t damage the energy supply, dirt elimination, water channels etc.

Star Protection

The star protection technology provides your machine safety against overpressure, power, or overheating while working with it.

WORX Cordless String Trimmer and Blower WG929.1 Combo

  • WORX Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo
  • WORX Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo


Power Source:Battery Powered
Speed:75 Miles per Hour
Item Weight:5.7 Pounds
Air Flow Capacity:360 Cubic Feet Per Min

WORX may not be a top-class brand like some others for producing tools for various purposes, but as a string trimmer made a place here, it has something in it. Let’s know more about the trimmer and blower.

The item from the WORX is a trimmer and blower combination, but they are installed in the machine together, not separate. It also doesn’t require any cord as it is battery-powered, and the battery can supply the necessary power to operate.

The fact that makes it unique from the other battery-run string trimmer is the package comes with two batteries for extra power. Anyway, the lightweight combination item is easy to use and carry because it’s just above 5 pounds.

The item trims up to 12″ like a mower, and the blower may clean at the 390-Cfm rate when turned on, and the battery is not dying. The 20V batteries are well enough to operate the process and increase battery life.


  • It has two batteries of 20V and 2.0 Ah, but you can connect only one at a time.
  • The machine is both trimmer and blower style.
  • The package dimensions are respectively 37.5 inches, 10.5 inches, and 8.5 inches.
  • It is a lightweight product that weighs only 5.7 pounds.
  • Prominent as a weed eater.

Highlighted Features

Easy to Use

It is pretty easy to operate that you don’t need to be an expert; it becomes easier when you have the manual in your hands.


It can be effective on various spots like garden, patio, lawn, or something like that. It is not only suitable for cutting long things, but it is specialized for weed grass.


It can clear the dust up to 390 cfm, but the speed is moderate, not excessive; the speed that it provides is 75 miles per hour.


As the package comes with two 20V batteries, you can easily attach another battery once the previous one runs out of energy, and use the trimmer for longer.

Black+Decker 40V Cordless Sweeper and String Trimmer

  • Black+Decker 40V Cordless Sweeper and String Trimmer


Power Source:Battery Powered
Item Weight:11 Pounds

Black+Decker is another brand that manufactures top quality tools and has been a fantastic competitor of DEWALT, Makita, and others like them. Let’s see what unique qualities the string trimmer from Black & Decker has.

It is a 2pc machine consisting of a 40V string trimmer, an LST140 model; it also works as an edger combo. On the other hand, a sweeper that sweeps away the unnecessary things is also 40V and the LSW40 model.

A unique feature about the tool is that it has a change indicator; when any of the parts get useless, the machine will signal you for replacing that. The item is pretty lightweight despite having so many things in it. Those are a trimmer, a battery, a spool, a blow tube, a guard etc.

The sweeper here makes a lot of air, and the velocity is 130 mph which clears debris from the surface, making the area smooth. The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty for the string trimmer and sweeper.


  • The dimensions are 10 inches, 7 inches, and 40 inches.
  • It weighs 11 pounds though the whole package has a lot of items.
  • Its change indicator activates even when the attached small part is not working.
  • It can blow at the rate of up to 130 mph with a low noise.
  • Both vital attachments show the state of battery charge to keep you notified.

Highlighted Features


The trimmer sometimes changes itself to an edge to cut the grass or anything similar really quick. The high torque makes it possible to clean a surface properly within a short time.

Automatic Feed Spool

A feed spool is there as an attachment because it automatically controls the line of the feed while trimming.


The item is lightweight and that’s what makes it easy to use and carry; the material is stable yet lighter in weight.


This has a long lifetime because the attachments run the machine in a way so that the motor and battery don’t get pressurized so much.

Ego Power+ ST1502LB String Trimmer and Blower Combo Kit

  • Ego Power+ ST1502LB String Trimmer and Blower Combo Kit


Brand:EGO Power+
Power Source:Battery Powered
Item Weight:15 Inches

The branded string and blower from Ego power is the last one to come in the final; you will surely like the features that it has got.

It has a battery that is 2.5 Ah which is average for the trimmer and blower. The package comes with a charger, and the string can cut up to 15”. The battery is well enough to supply the sufficient machine, and it runs for 75 minutes in one charge.

It has a compact design, and that’s why it is easy to store because it doesn’t consume a lot of space. The blower works quite impressively because it can clear up to 530+ CFM in a short time, and it can reduce vibration to run the battery longer.

The Arc Li-ion battery provides a lot of power beyond your imagination; it has a brushless motor that is an advantage.


  • The total package weighs nearly 22 pounds.
  • String trimmer from this brand has the dimensions respectively 37.6 inches, 12.2 inches, and 8.49 inches.
  • The thing is available only in black.
  • Its cutting width is 15”.
  • It has a battery as a power supply system.

Highlighted Features

Tool Selection

As it has multiple attachments, you can select the part that will consume your battery’s charge. It’s a lot because the voltage here is nearly 50V.

Turbo Button

You can use the turbo button to prepare the blower to clean the debris at the 530 CFM to have a smooth surface.

Variable speed

It has a button to control the speed, and that has a wide variety of speed that allows you to choose the pace of your own.

Highly Efficient Motor and Battery

The motor is brushless and efficient in keeping balance between all parts. Moreover, the battery is quite long-lasting in one charge or even the lifetime.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo

Despite the fact that grass trimmers are really clear instruments to use for an expertly prepared scene, there are a couple of interesting points when on the shopping trail.

First decide the size of your yard to decide if a battery fueled or corded trimmer is ideal for you.

Battery fueled trimmers are extraordinary for huge size yards, yet on the other side may not extend to enough runtime to adjustable handle the employment opportunity totally, so you should purchase an additional battery. One benefit of having 2 apparatuses on a similar stage implies that you have batteries that are exchangeable.

Corded grass trimmers are extraordinary for both little and huge size yards, however can just go the extent of the length of the awkward power string. To help choose a cordless or cordless grass trimmer, you should contemplate the hindrances in your yard, and what you’ll be managing near.

The expense of an outside additional line ought to likewise be thought of, as the expense of these can before long mount up assuming you really want to work the device a significant distance from a power source.

You can undoubtedly move a corded trimmer around little establishing beds, trees and rockeries and so forth, however assuming you’re going to manage around bigger highlights like pools, a cordless trimmer is presumably your smartest option, as you wont be stalled by a power string.

When looking for a weed wacker blower combo, it is a smart thought to work out the quantity of regions that require edging. The two words are regularly utilized reciprocally, however there’s a major contrast among managing and edging.

Managing your yard takes out weeds and grass in regions where your cutter cannot reach. Edging makes vertical slices to make limits in islands, walkways, blossom beds and carports.

Assuming you have a slanting yard or slope to manage, it can here and there be simpler to cut that region altogether with a right weed eater in case it is excessively steep for a trimmer.

In case you have numerous regions to edge, purchasing a trimmer that can be changed over into a yard edger combo seems OK, as it will set aside your cash from purchasing two separate devices, and furthermore permit you to finish the two responsibilities proficiently and rapidly.

The Size And Type Of The Lawn

This is a case-to-case premise. For instance, a lithium battery is planned to convey sufficient working opportunity to manage a section of land grass on one charge.

Similarly, the thickness of your weeds or grass is a variable. Henceforth, lower speeds are fitting for tidying up hard surfaces, like porches, carports, driveways, and walkways.

Then again, quicker speeds are great in the event that your yard is for the most part covered with grass.

Note that the sort of your String Trimmer is fundamental in deciding the model’s most extreme cover limit.

Weight And Dimensions

Recall that you will convey the full weight of the string trimmer and blower combo for no less than 30 minutes.

Select a model that you can easily work and heft around your grass.

Trimmer Head

Fixed Head- A decent head is a decent decision assuming you don’t care for winding the line onto the top of your trimmer. Nonetheless, this is more normal on bulkier string trimmer blower combos. On the brilliant side, a decent head will endure longer.

Knock Feed- You’ll need to twist lengths of line around the spool of your electric string trimmer blower combo when utilizing an ordinary knock feed framework. What you’ll love about a knock feed is the control it gives you. This is the reason it is solid and famous.

An auto-feed battery-worked string trimmer leaf blower mix is the best when you need little work in taking care of in the line while procuring most extreme results.

Additionally, its line turning engine empowers you to zero in on your work while it does every one of the hard aspects for you.

Shaft Design

The shaft helps transport the power from the engine or motor to the trimmer line.

Straight Shaft

A straight shaft string trimmer leaf blower mix gives phenomenal reach under certain bushes. Be that as it may, it is somewhat heavier contrasted with different sorts, so this is the kind of thing worth considering relying upon your capacity to convey the hardware for a specific period.

Bended Shaft

A bent shaft weed eater and leaf blower set are simpler and lighter to move than different sorts.

In any case, it powers the drive link to twist, which turns into its weakness. In any case, assuming that you really want a superior adjusted and adaptable shaft, a bended one permits you to manage weeds and grass from entryways or fence posts.

Split Shaft

If you choose a split shaft string trimmer leaf blower set, you can dismantle the screw and join adornments like clippers or leaf blowers to boost the device.

Power, Battery Life, And Charging Time

You can capitalize on a battery-worked weed eater and leaf blower combos power in the event that it has a high voltage battery.

The more power you have, the simpler you can manage extreme weeds and grass.

Since an electric string trimmer leaf blower combo will depend on batteries, it is ideal to have batteries that can keep going for as long as 30 minutes. Also, it is better assuming your battery just needs an hour to re-energize.

Commotion Rating

It is normal for string clippers to create undeniable degrees of commotion. Most weed eater blower combos deliver no less than 60 decibels.


Most makers offer a 1-year guarantee. In the meantime, there are a few brands that give fixed administrations.


Batteries make weed eater and electric leaf blower combos rather expensive. However, you can set aside cash since you can get 2 bits of grass gear at the cost of one. It is more reasonable and conservative to purchase a combo.

FAQ ( Frequently asked question )

What are the things I should know and research about before buying a cordless trimmer blower combo? As I am a beginner.

Before purchasing a cordless trimmer blower combo try to know and research about variable speed trigger, battery power, leaf blower combo, cordless weed eater, battery powered trimmer, automatic feed spool system, brushless motor, sweeper combo kit, string trimmers, battery powered weed eater, blower combo tool, spare battery, lithium ion batteries.

Then also about lawn equipment, innovative axial fan design, lawn maintenance tools, instant line feeding, mount motor, patented gear drive design, precise power control, battery charger, trimmer line size, blower speed, power command controls, telescopic shaft adjusts, turbine fan technology, variable speed trigger.

But for better understanding research on high efficiency brushless motor, high capacity air volume, hedge trimmers, hyper stream air nozzle, power drive transmission, mini mower, front mount motor.

As a beginner if you know about these terms beforehand, things will get easier for you.

How to take care of cordless trimmer blower combos?  

Cordless trimmer blower combos require negligible upkeep, yet you should in any case clean the apparatuses each after use.

Assess the weed eater and blower for mileage. At the point when it is important to supplant specific parts, just utilize endorsed new parts. Supplant string clippers when exhausted.

Clean the region circumnavigating the cutting safeguard and the trimmer head.

Prior to capacity, let your trimmer and blower combo cool. Eliminate any clippings and garbage. Guarantee it stays in an upstanding situation in a dry region.

You might apply grease. Similarly, shower light oil on all metal surfaces to forestall rust.

What are the different techniques of trimming with a cordless trimmer blower combo?

The line of your cordless trimmer ought to be vertical. Then, at that point, you can just walk the gear straightforwardly into the cut way.


This is ordinarily utilized for grass and weeds in carports and walkways. Slant your weed eater, so its string-tips are bobbing softly off the asphalt. Cut the plant base, yet guarantee your point isn’t too sharp nor excessively shallow.


Scything is best applied at whatever point you’re working in tall grass or something you cannot walk effectively along. Swing your trimmer utilizing a shallow U movement. Cross-over this movement to try and out the trim.


Tapering is best when you are working along a divider, fence, or tree. Hold the hardware, so it hits the grass at an extremely slight point.

These are the different techniques you can trim with your cordless trimmer blower combo.


In this ultimate guide of the best cordless trimmer blower combo, we analysed and picked the six top rated best cordless trimmer blower combo for you. Moreover, we discussed an in-depth buying guide, where you can find that you need to know.

After this in the frequently asked questions sections, we have solved the common questions for you. However, we also told you that as a beginner what you need to know and learn about.

And all the trimmer blower combo in the list are very well rated.


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