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Best Top Handle Chainsaw (In-depth Reviews) 2022

Best top handle chainsaw

Are you an arborist or a professional user searching for the best top hand-held chainsaw? If it is a yes, you’re on the correct page. Here, we’re not only going to introduce you to the 10 most satisfying best top handle chainsaw, but you will also get to know everything related to a handle electric chainsaw.

So, instead of skipping up, stay tuned with us till the end. But, as we go deep into the discussion, let me indicate the character of the top handle electric chainsaw that makes it different from other saws. Electric chainsaws are designed for arborists to work in trees professionally. When required, the user can operate it with one hand. And, that is the primary feature differentiating handle chainsaws from other saws.

Whereas traditional rear handle chainsaw is good to use on the ground than at height, arborists can use top handled chainsaw at height and other difficult spots efficiently and safely.

10 Best Top Handle Chainsaw Reviews

For your garden or domestic need, a cordless chainsaw is an ideal solution. For professionals, an  electric chainsaw is one of the essential pieces of equipment that makes life easier. Professionals, foresters, or tree surgeons; in this top 10 best top handle chainsaws review, all are going to find out the perfect equipment for your purpose.

The most common facts that one should consider while buying a

handle chainsaw includes safety, maneuverability, comfort, features and budget.

Our top 10 pick of handle chainsaw reviews are made after well-research based on these


Dewalt 20V MAX XR Chainsaw

  • DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw Kit
  • Best top handle chainsaw
  • DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw Kit

Top Features

  • 12-inch bar
  • 5-Ah battery powered saws
  • 9 lbs with battery
  • On 4×4 pressure up to 90 cuts per change

Our first pick Dewalt  DCCS620P1 MAX XR is one of the best selling electric handle saws. For those who are reluctant or confused to buy a cordless handled chainsaw, you can give this battery operated chainsaw by Dewalt a try. 

Are you tired of facing fumes, cold starts, carburettor issues and maintenance hassle with a gas powered tool? You can add versatility to your battery powered system with this cordless chainsaw kit. This gas-free equipment is suitable to cut beams, manage tree limbs, and do demolitions work. Even it is rigid enough to handle outdoor work and construction work. 

You might be thinking that a beefier and bigger chain saw would do your work. But, you will be amazed to see how well this little guy runs with its compact style. This nicely executed kit is not appropriate for cutting down old-growth fir, cedar, or other big jobs. For the little projects around your yard that needs pruning or cutting, Dewalt  DCCS620P1 is the right tool. You can read our another 16 inch chainsaw reviews aslo.

Key features

  • It weighs less than 9 pounds (including battery)
  • Dimensions are 25 x 9 x 9 inches
  • 12-inch bar to handle lots of work
  • The maximum initial battery voltage is 20 volts.
  • Up to 90 cuts at per charge
  • Too-free chain tensioning
  • Bar tightening knob to ensure proper bar clamping force.
  • Its brushless motor is best for longevity and high-performance.


  • One of the lightweight design and compact handle saws for maximum control.
  • Comparatively well-balanced.
  • Equipped with a standard chain break.
  • Quieter compared to a gas chain saw.
  • Quick start and stop function.


  • The only downside is that this thing seems to go through chain oil at an unusually high rate, but this is hardly a problem, more of an inconvenience.

Overall, Dewalt MAX XR is a good choice that comes with a reasonable price. It is well worth considering for any small to medium chore you have for a chainsaw.

Makita XCU032 Handle  Battery-powered Chain Saw

  • Best top handle chainsaw
  • Makita XCU03Z 36V (18V X2) LXT Brushless 14" Chain Saw
  • Makita XCU03Z 36V (18V X2) LXT Brushless 14" Chain Saw

Top Features

  • Brushless, tool only
  • 36V (18V X2)
  • 14-inch guide bar
  • 0-3 variable speed

Day by day, the demand among contractors and landscapers for an alternative cordless gas-powered chainsaw tool is increasing. The Makita XCU03Z is meeting the demand being a brushless hand-held chain saw. With less noise, comparably less maintenance, and no emissions, this battery-run chainsaw is a welcome solution for trimming applications as well as cutting.

Powered by two batteries of 18V LXT, this brushless motor chainsaw allows you 36V power to run. The Makita XCU03Z offers high power efficiency and a direct-drive system, which are equal to gas-powered saws.

Key features

  • It weighs 11.35 lbs along with batteries for decreased exhaustion.
  • Tool-free chain adjustment
  • Direct drive brushless motor system
  • From 0-3,940 variable speed trigger
  • 2 Lithium-lon 18V LXT batteries
  • Built-in LED on-off switch with automatic power-off function
  • 14” guide bar


  • Provides high performance equal to gas-powered saw
  • Compact style  with rear handle for comfortable operating
  • Variable speed trigger ensures easy operation
  • Allows the user to convenient operating system and maintenance
  • Automatically shuts off for extended battery life
  • It prevents the blade from accidentally engaging


  • This top handle chaintop saw only includes tools. Batteries and chargers will not come with this.

This one is a significant improvement in terms of power over the XCU02. For both limb-trimming and tree removal, this highly efficient brushless motor chainsaw is the 

Echo CS 271t Gas Chain Saw

  • Chain Saw, Gas, 12 in. Bar, 26.9CC
  • Chain Saw, Gas, 12 in. Bar, 26.9CC
  • Chain Saw, Gas, 12 in. Bar, 26.9CC

Top Features

  • 12-inch bar length
  • 26.9cc
  • Weighs 11 pounds
  • Gas Fuel Tank Capacity: 8.1 oz

The Echo CS 271t might seem like a toy to you, but you will be amazed at its performance the first time. This little thing is far way more reliable than any other large gas motor driven chainsaw. It is a must tool for those who climb trees regularly. 

This super-light gasoline chainsaw is one of the arborists’ tools of choice. For trimming and tree tasks, this Inertia activated chain brake enabled saw is a perfect tool. You can cut at 80 plus feet in the air with one hand with this arborist chainsaw.   If you need a smaller top handle chainsaw with plenty of power, this one worth your money. 

Key Features

  • Dimensions are 12 x 12 x 10 inches
  • 2-stroke and 26.9cc professional-grade engine
  • i-30 starting system
  • bar length 12-inch
  • Air Pre-Cleaner with G-Force
  • Gas anti vibration system handle
  • Automatic gear driven oiling system
  • The standard vibration reduction system
  • Side access chain tensioning system 
  • Purge primer bulb
  • throttle lock
  • Inertia activated  chain brake 
  • 5.4 oz oil capacity and 8.1 oz fuel capacity


  • Lightweight design rear hand-held chain saw
  • Easy to start and use with super manoeuvrability 
  • Comfortable, durable and long-lasting
  • Gives high-performance with low fuel consumption
  • It comes with pretty little vibration


  • After sitting hot for a few minutes, this tophandle chainsaw won’t start unless the user holds down the trigger and pull it a few times. Then the user has to stay on it for a minute or so. Otherwise, it won’t idle. 

The Echo CS 271t is a workhorse. If you want something lightweight,  not so bulky, and dependable, not junk, this is the little dog with a big bite. 

Greenworks 20262 Battery Powered Chain Saw

  •  Greenworks 40V 12-Inch Cordless Chainsaw
  • Best top handle chainsaw (In-depth reviews) 2022

Top Features

  • Bar and chain length- 12 inch
  • G-Max 40V Lithium-lon battery
  • Tool-less chain tensioning
  • Automatic oiling

If you want to focus on getting the most essential out of life and simplifying your task, cordless tools are perfect for homeowners. Focusing on maneuverability and efficiency, Greenworks brings a modern outdoor tool- the 20262 battery empowered chainsaw. 

Equipped with a high-competence motor and medium level of weight construction, the Greenworks 20262 provides the power you need. This particular model offers you versatility, efficiency, 50% less vibration and noise. 

You can adjust this equipment whenever you need it without additional proprietory tools as it comes with a tool-less chain tensioner. This easy-to-use machine doesn’t bother you with lots of maintenance hassle. You only have to observe the oil level and use the right extension cord. 

No oil, no gas, no emissions; this battery-operated chainsaw offers enough power for professionals and homeowners as well. People love the simplicity of this top handle chainsaw. 

Key Features

  • 12-inch bar and chain length
  • Automatic oiling to bar and chain 
  • Multiple cutting positions for wrapped handle
  • 2.0 Ah battery and charger 
  • Compatible with G-Max 4.0 Ah and 2.0 Ah batteries
  • 3/8-inch chain pitch
  • Tool-free chain tension system
  • On 4X4-inch pressure treated wood up to 65 cuts per charge 


  • Pretty good battery life
  • A transparent oil filling window allows you to see the oil level
  • Tools-free easy chain tensioning system
  • Lightweight and compact exterior design gives you maximum control
  • Portable and easy to start


  • Undoubtedly the GreenWorks 20262 is a piece of great equipment for felling and cutting up trees, but it might get shut off if you bear down on it too much.

The GreenWorks 20262 battery motor chainsaw is a sustainable solution for the greener tomorrow. It accomplishes the works of your yard with higher efficiency and enhanced performance.

Echo CS-355T-14 Gasoline Chainsaw

  •  Echo CS-355T-14 Chain Saw, Gas

Top Features

  • Bar length- 14 inch
  • Automatic gear driven oiler
  • Gas fuel tank capacity: 11.2 oz
  • Gas anti vibration handle

Echo brings a wide range of reliable products for homeowners as well as professionals. The CS-355T-14 is one of their remarkable innovations. 

Designed with g force engine air, this pro-quality top handle chainsaw is better than any other higher-priced saws available in the market. Generally, we use 2-hands on the chainsaw when possible. But, there are times when we have to use only one hand. To operate a petrol saw with one hand while working is one of the craziest and dangerous jobs around, which you can do safely with this arborist chainsaw. 

Key Features

  • 14-inch bar length 
  • 35.8cc, 2-stroke engine
  • Automatic gear-driven oiler
  • Easy access rear-mounted air filter
  • purge primer bulb
  • G-Force Engine Air, Pre-cleaner 
  • Effort reduced starting system
  • Dual post chain brake
  • Integrated choke and fast idle along with trigger release
  • The anti-vibration system handle 
  • Fuel tank capacity 11.2 oz


  • Provides excellent balance and plenty of power
  • The choke switch incorporated with the off switch makes starting this saw easier
  • Solid gripping the saw facility with multiple size grip features on the handle
  • Unbelievably good throttle lock
  • It cuts clean and well with its compact size


  • Compared to other top handle saws, this one is a bit loud. .

Overall the Echo CS-355T is a great saw to use in the tree. And, the price is also reasonable in its class. 

Makita XCU06Z Hand-held Chain Saw

  •  Makita Brushless Cordless Top Handle Chain Saw
  • Best top handle chainsaw (In-depth reviews) 2022

Top Features

  • 18V LXT 5.0 Ah battery
  • Chain speed- 4,720 FPM
  • In 2×2 cedar provides up to 175 cuts
  • Lateral chain tensioner and captured bar nut

If you don’t prefer to use a gas-motor outdoor power tool, this cordless alternative can be the right one for you. Zero emissions, less maintenance, and lower noise- these are the specialties of this top gas-operated chainsaw. 

Most professional tree care industries recommend using this solution for trimming and cutting applications for its compact design. Unlike any other updated chainsaws, you can use only one battery for the highest power, run-time and chain speed with the XCUO6Z. 

The users get high-performance efficiency with its outer rotor brushless motor equivalent to a gas motor-driven chain saw. High chain speed and different speed trigger allow you to increase the cutting speed. While cutting dense material, the torque boost mode helps to accomplish the job smoothly. 

With this motor saw, you don’t need to do much maintenance, like oil changing, air filter cleaning, or replacing the spark plug. Also, you don’t have to drain out the fuel before storage. All you have to do is load the 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery, and it is all set to work. 

Are you wondering if this chainsaw is safe or not? Well, this tool comes equipped with additional product features like the built-on lock-off lever, adjustable automatic chain lubrication. All these features prevent accidental chain engaging and electric brake to get maximum productivity and more. 

Key Features

  • Built Outer Rotor BL direct-drive system brushless motor
  • In 2X2 cedar provides up to 175 cuts
  • 18V LXT 5.0 Ah battery
  • Torque boost mode 
  • Lateral chain tensioning and captured bar nut 
  • It weighs only 7.2 lbs with a battery
  • Variable chain speed from 0-4,720 FPM
  • Built-in led on/off switch with auto power-off function
  • front head guard for an accurate chain brake
  • 10-inch sprocket nose guide bar
  • Built-in Lock-off lever
  • Adjustable auto chain lubrication 
  • Guide bar nut chain tensioning with captured nut


  • Extreme protection technology protects to keep away dust, water, and debris from the main internal components.
  • Zero emissions and reduced maintenance.
  • Provides high-power efficiency and improved cutting performance.
  • Comfortable gas performance without the hassle.
  • Easy to use, fast, and lightweight construction.


  • The Makita XCUO6Z doesn’t come with a battery; you have to buy it separately.

Overall performance of the Makita XCUO6Z is satisfying. Choosing this battery-powered chainsaw over a gasoline tool is a wise decision as you don’t have to crank the tool or mess with fuel. Just check that the battery is well-charged and bar oil is right in the tank. Your machine is all set to trigger for cutting wood. 

Husqvarna 966997203 T435 Top Handle Gas Chain Saw

  • Husqvarna Top Handle Saw

Top Features

  • 7.5 pounds weighs, mid size
  • Bar length- 12”
  • Cylinder displacement: 35.2 см³
  • Quick release air filter

If you’re a tree care professional, the Husqvarna T435 mid-sized top handle chainsaw is the one that you can rely on season after season. This strong; yet lightweight handled chainsaw is suitable for tree pruning at vineyards, parks, residential properties, and orchards. The X-Torque engine provides maximum fuel efficiency, while its well-balanced design allows you to use it comfortably. 

With an exceptional build quality, Husqvarna T435  is suitable for light-duty work. Not just the T435 features excellent aspects, but, also includes higher-level Husqvarna technology and durability. 

Key Features 

  • Blade length 14-inch 
  • Weight- 7.5 lbs
  • Maximum speed – 9000 RPM
  • Anti-vibration technology
  • Side access chain tensioning system
  • Rope attachment
  • X-cut chain and X-force bar 
  • Improved design chain break window
  • 2-cycle type, 36cc engine power
  • 0.55 US  pint fuel capacity


  • Powerful engine
  • Efficient cutting ability
  • Well-constructed and less fuel consumption
  • Easy to use, even in tight spaces
  • Lightweight and compact construction


  • If this machine gets warm, it is hard to start.

The Husqvarna 435T is amazingly efficient. You can easily manage it in a tree and overhead. This fuel-efficient design motor chainsaw offers a lot of power for its size. 

Huyosen Pro Gas-operated  Chainsaw

  • HUYOSEN Gas Powered Chainsaw

Top Features

  • 25 cc full crank 2 cycle engine
  • speed can be up to 8500 rpm
  • 57 Drive Link
  • 0.9kw 1.2hp power motor

Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional user, the Huyosesn Pro wood cutting machine is one of the best top handle chainsaws out there. Hayden is a renowned brand name that provides safer and convenient life-hacking products. 

This small gasoline chainsaw for climbing comes in lightweight construction. So, while working at height, it is easy to carry it out as well as operate. You can use this cordless handheld petrol gasoline chainsaw for cutting firewood, branch prune, handy saw, logging, woodcarving, ice sculpture garden, and ranch. 

The combination of ergonomic compact pattern and safety makes it comfortable, maneuverable, and balanced to operate. This 12-inch top-handled chain saw offers you high-power, energy-saving, smooth transmission, and stable performance. 

Key features

  • Rapid reaction kick-back chain brake
  • Safety trigger, handguard, and safety switch
  • 12-inch Guide Bar length
  • 3/8-inch pitch, 57 drive links, 0.50-inch gauge 
  • 25cc, 2-cycle engine
  • chain running capacity up to 8500 rpm
  • 0.9kw 1.2 hp power motor
  • Quick start technology


  • Safety unique design gives protection to accidental starts.
  • A fully wrapped and cushioned handle ensures maneuverability, comfort, and balance
  • Efficient, compact, and lightweight
  • Less vibration, greater power, and consistent performance
  • Up to 25% less fuel consumption.


  • Sometimes it can be a little bit noisy.

However, overall it is a great little gas-powered machine. The slip-free handle of the Huyusen Pro allows you to do light-duty work like wood, limbs, trimming, pruning trees, saplings, branches, and wood safely.  And, its price is also reasonable as per the performance. 

Pinkway 26CC Top Handle Chainsaw

  • PINKWAY 2-Cycle Top Handle Saw Gas Powered Chainsaw
  • PINKWAY 2-Cycle Top Handle Saw Gas Powered Chainsaw

Top Features

  • 26cc 2 cycle engine
  • Chain length- 12-inch
  • Cordless, one-handed
  • Engine speed up to 3000rpm

For landscaping and gardening, the Pinkway 26CC gasoline engined chainsaw is one of the best equipment. It delivers strong power to the low-kickback chain and the steel bar as well. You can easily accomplish your tasks with one hand using this top-handle saw. 

You won’t have to face discomfort due to machine vibration because this smart power tool consists of Quickstart technology that relieves machine vibration effectively to decrease exhaustion during heavy duty. You can get to any project like lawn care, yard work, and others with the high-hardness bar and quality chain. 

The 20% low fuel consumption is another impressive feature of this petrol saw. The life span of the chainsaw increases as the automatic machine-driven oil flow keeps the chain and bar lubricated. And, the safety device keeps the machine away from accidental switch on. 

Key Features

  • 26CC, 2-stroke Gasoline engine
  • Engine speed up to 3000 rpm
  • One-hand operation with quickstart technology
  • Anti-vibration technology
  • Air cleaning system for long air filtering  life
  • 10-inch and 12-inch 2 pieces chains 
  • Material- aluminum alloy, plastic, and steel
  • Mixed fuel (petro and oil) type
  • Engine displacement 25.4CC
  • 50.8 x 9cm bar length
  • 190ml fuel tank capacity and 150ml chain oil tank capacity
  • Weight – 7.8 kg


  • Wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant
  • A high-efficiency engine ensures durability and stability during use
  • small cordless and top handle design ensures maneuverability
  • Effectively release machine vibration, increases comfort, and avoids user fatigue
  • Excellent performance and easy to carry out


  • This tool doesn’t come with a spark arrester.

The Pinkway 26CC is a super-efficient top handle saw that runs well with enough power. This saw is lighter compared to most other chainsaws you’ve used in a comparable power model. 

Dereal Pro 25.4CC Gasoline Chainsaw (Product Not available)

If you’re a climber, this 12-inch top handled chain saw by Dereal is just perfect for heavy-duty forest operation. While working high off-ground, you need a portable, lightweight tool. That is what you get from this small size; yet powerful, one-hand operatable chainsaw allows you to do. 

This high-performance top hand-held chain saw is an ideal machine for felling trees and cutting firewood. These one-hand-chainsaw gives you the facility of working with accuracy and safety while hanging high from the ground. 

Moreover, you can be aware of the oil level as the oil tank is visible. The anti-slip handle of this saw lets you hold it securely and do the job with comfort. Assembly is enough simple and comes with all the necessary tools that you need to adjust it. 

As being a 2-stroke engine, it takes a mixture of gas and oil. You can do the measurement easily with the included canister. The Dereal Pro comes with everything you’d expect from a gasoline chainsaw, including choke, pull starter, safety, etc. 

Key Features

  • 25.4CC 1.2hp 2-stroke engine
  • 12-inch 3/8 LP 0.05 gauge
  • Quick stop chain brake
  • purge primer bulb
  • Engine speed up to 8500 rpm
  • 12-inch low kickback chain and bar length
  • Automatic lubricating system
  • Automatic chain tensioning system


  • easily operatable with one hand.
  • Portable, highly efficient, and the perfect tool for forest operation.
  • Lightweight, durable, and high-wear resistant.
  • Stable and comfortable to use.
  • High quality and fast cutting ability.


  • The plastic body is not much rigid.

However, The Dereal Pro top handle saw works well and is worth the money. It is very lightweight, so you can put it together and accomplish your task without any hazards. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Top Handle Chainsaws

Whether you’re in a park, forest, or garden, an ideal tree care product is a must for a professional user. As long as it is concerned to top handle chainsaws, arborist has to focus on different facts while working off-ground.  If you need a Chainsaw for Heavy-duty you can read our Top 20-inch chainsaws review.

It is imperative to understand the considering facts while purchasing a top-handled chain saw. Make sure the following features are in your machine before you make a purchase decision- 


Safety features come first. Though every top hand-held chainsaw comes with a sprocket nose bar, observe the mechanism quality of it.  The top handle chainsaw should be fixed with your harness while climbing the tree. There should be an extra length in the chainsaw lanyard. It is very important to check out all the safety features of your chainsaw’s electric chain brake.


As professional arboriculturists use top handle chainsaws for long hours every day, they must be comfortable to use. Without comfort, it turns out to be an unsafe gear. For safe operation, the top handle chainsaw should come with a comfortable and secure rubberized soft grip giving total control. 


Another critical factor is the weight ratio of the top handle chainsaw. While using an out-stretched chainsaw, user fatigue is one of the issues you might have to face due to the wrong weight ratio. Pick the lightweight design top handle chainsaw for using long periods comfortably. 


You use a top handle chainsaw in different complicated areas or hazardous environments for precise cuts. So, it must be easy to operate. It is essential to choose a compact design top handle chainsaw. Using a heavy-weight design chainsaw can hamper your ability to maneuver the equipment. 

Chain tension

Too tight or too loose chain tension can cause damage to the bar and inhibit safety. If your top handle chainsaw consists of a tool-free chain tensioner, you won’t need a screwdriver and wrench for chain tensioning. Check if there is a tensioning nut and locking disc to tighten the chain brake without additional tools. 

Combined Switch

While starting a handle saw, you need to close the plug and upturn the throttle speed. But, you can find several saws equipped with on/off chainsaw features in one switch. And, some top handle chainsaws have different choke and on/off switches. Combined-switch makes it simple to start and stop the equipment. 

FAQ ( Frequently asked question )

What is a top handle chainsaw?

Top handle chainsaws, or arborists’ saws- are specifically petrol handle chainsaws designed for tree surgeons, foresters, and professional arboriculturists. Unlike traditional chainsaws, which take two hands to run, a handle saw comes equipped with mounted group control on the top handle. Even if needed, the professional user can use a top handle electric saw with one hand.

Are top handle chain saws dangerous?

Top handle saws are not that dangerous. As the bar length is not so long, people should use it with more care. Using a handled chainsaw always requires specialized training and skill. And, that is why top handle saws are for appropriate certificate authorized and trained tree operators only. They are not suitable for untrained professionals or the usual public. While using a handle electric saw, it is mandatory by law to wear protective equipment such as a safety helmet, eye protection, hearing protection, leg protection and protective boots, gloves, and high-visibility non-snag clothing. 

What is the most reliable chainsaw brand?

You will find different manufacturers offering a wide range of various models of top handle chainsaws. But among so many options, it is a daunting task to find out the right one. To help you make a shortlist of the best top hand-held chain saw brands in the market, here we suggest some of the best brands manufacturing high-performance handled chain saws for professional arborists. And they are- Dewalt, Makita, Echo, Dereal, Husqvarna, Huyosen, Greenwork, and Pinkway. 

What is the best top-handle chainsaw on the market?

 There has been a continual debate over which one is the best top handle saw a gas-powered or battery-powered chainsaw. For trimming and edging, both of the types of top-handled chain saws work well. However, if you compare them based on their performance, gas-powered chainsaws are powerful for heavy-duty tasks. On the other hand, a battery-powered top handle saw gives powerful performance based on the battery size. For a small yard, a high-performance gas-powered top handle chainsaw might be not appropriate. But, battery-operated lawn equipment would be a better choice. Also, an electric top handle chainsaw is much preferable among homeowners as it requires less maintenance. You don’t need to change oil or air filters, no spark plugs, or no gas engine maintaining hassle. On the contrary, a gas-powered handle chainsaw needs proper maintenance and storage; otherwise, it can act difficult.  

What Are Top-handle chain saws Used For?

Being equipped with all the controls at the top handle-a top handle chainsaw is good to use off-ground. Moreover, professional users can operate it with one hand. Mostly, handle chain saws are suitable for pruning branches down while professional arborists are climbing trees. 

Final Verdict

Lastly, here is a final glimpse at our top handle chainsaw reviews-

Best arborist chainsaw- Dewalt, Husqvarna, Huyusen, Makita, and Dereal climbing saws.

Best battery-powered chainsaws- Dewalt, Greenworks, and Makita top handle chain saw.

Best gas powered climbing saws- Dereal, Pinkway, Huyusen, Husqvarna, and Echo. 

Hopefully, our top handle chain saw review helps you to make the right purchasing decision.


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