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Best Floor Drill Press (In-depth Reviews) 2022

Best Floor Drill Press

There are many types of floor drill presses accessible in the market, but hunting down the best floor drill press is an actual adventuring game.

The drill press is a lifesaving tool that is very important for heavy-duty projects, and heavy-duty projects are absolutely nothing without floor or standing drill presses.

Before purchasing a drill press, you should know that there are two types of drill press, one is a benchtop drill press, and the other one is a floor standing drill press.

Benchtop drill presses are for workers who do heavy or regular jobs with drill presses, which means benchtops are perfect for irregular users. Whereas, on the other side, floor or standing drill presses are like a gem for heavy or regular workers.

Today, we will be helping you to hunt down the best floor drill press for yourself.

Top 7 Floor Drill Press That You Should Choose

The following top seven-floor drill presses that we have chosen are the best in the industry and the markets. Moreover, each floor drill presses in this list are widely popular and well-reviewed by the customers.

Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Floor Drill Press- the most affordable floor drill

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  • Shop Fox Floor Drill Press
  • Shop Fox Floor Drill Press reviews


Motor:3/4 HP, 110V
Drill chuck:1/64″-5/8″
Range of speeds:250-3050 RPM

This Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating floor drill press is one of the most affordable and widely reviewed drill presses in the market.

It is an oscillating floor drill press; it both rotates and can move back and forth in an excellent swinging motion. This feature of oscillating spindle helps the users to make holes, and this feature stops you from spending again for a separate tool which means a sander.

The W1848 accompanies an exceptionally flexible table that can not exclusively be raised or lowered down yet, in addition to slants 90 degrees to one or the other side.

This permits you to work with pieces with a wide assortment of shapes and sizes. Also, you can even eliminate the table totally so you can utilize the base as one. For your solace, the table is fitted with a residue port to permit you to dispose of sawdust and garbage.

What will hop directly out at you with this drill press is its weight. Dissimilar to most other floor models, which can undoubtedly top 200 lbs, this drill press is a little 122 pounds.

This makes it by a long shot the most versatile floor press out there in the market. Because of its lightweight and reduced size, this is an incredible press for a more modest shop since it very well may be moved around, so it isn’t standing out when you are not utilizing it.

Obviously, since this press is so light, it will vibrate a bit more at higher RPM, which could make your work less exact than you might want it to be.

And this Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating floor drill press is the best drill press for woodworking and metal work.

Most of the floor drill press reviews termed this drill to be the best overall.

Highlighted Features

  • This floor press drill is a beginner-friendly drill.
  • The size is very compact, and the weight is much lighter than all the drill presses.
  • It can be turned into a sander because of its oscillating feature.
  • The range of speed can be adjustable.
  • The price is very much affordable.
  • This floor drill press has excellent durability.
  • The table drill machine has a 3/4 HP engine with a most extreme speed of 3050 RPM 3050, further developing penetration on all surfaces.
  • Having a JT-33 arbour, the drill can adjust to any machine axles or spindles and lathes.
  • A swing of 13-3/4 inches assists with squeezing an extended length of materials into the drill table.
  • Counting a sanding pack, the drill takes out the requirement for outside sanders

JET JDP-20MF 20″ Drill Press- the best overall

  • Best Floor Drill Press (In-depth reviews) 2022
  • floor standing drill press


Power Source:Corded Electric
Voltage:115 Volts
Speed:4200 RPM
Item Dimensions:18.5 x 31.5 x 66 inches

And if you are looking for a floor drill press that is full of power and power, then JET JDP-20MF 20″ Drill Press is what you need.

With its 1.5-HP engine, the Jet 351470 is unmatched with regard to unadulterated, unbridled power. This implies that it will bore through pretty much anything without slowing down.

As well as flaunting extraordinary power, this floor drill press has perhaps the most different speed, with a speed scope of somewhere in the speed range of 150 and 4,200 RPM.

This permits you to chip away at a comprehensive exhibit of materials with exceptional degrees of exactness. The engine is of the fast change type, which considers quick and simple axle speed adjustments.

The drill press has perhaps the biggest worktable of any floor drill press out there, which makes a phenomenal decision for enormous scope projects.

Furthermore, it pivots to permit you more noteworthy power over your projects while inclining 45 degrees to one or the other side to work with calculated boring. And you will likewise see the value in the fast delivery clasp it accompanies that makes it simple to change.

Tipping the weight at 288 pounds, nonetheless, this unit will be hard to move once collected.

During heavy-duty work, so that it does not break, it is designed with a permanently lubricated ball bearing spindle.

You simply need to open the metal cover, separate the engine and slip the belt on the pulley to change the spin speed. There is a three-nut locking highlight for changing the drill rapidly. The on/off switch is on the front side of the drill.

This is also a great drill press for woodworking and metal working. The cast iron head helps it to work for a long time, and the speed range is also very good.

Highlighted Features

  • This floor drill press can drill rigid materials relentlessly.
  • The height of this drill press can be adjustable as per the needs of the users.
  • The worktable has slits in it.
  • Two years of warranty for this Jet floor drill press.
  • Permit developing the telescoping spindle guard to guarantee the most secure boring season.
  • Plan with a fast set bolt to permit changing precisely and rapidly.
  • The floor-standing drill is built with a huge ground steel section and cast-iron head to guarantee life-long or long-lasting service.
  • With the biggest speed evolving mode, the users will have the most smooth and favourable to even out woodwork.

WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press- the best drill press for both wood and metalwork

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  • benchtop drill presses
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Power Source:Corded Electric
Voltage:120 Volts
Speed:3200 RPM
Item Weight:‎89.1 pounds
Product Dimensions:‎13.5 x 36.63 x 16.75 inches
Country of Origin:‎China

If you need a floor drill press for woodworking and metalwork, then WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press is the one you need.

The WEN 4214 is an incredible decision for those on a careful spending plan. WEN is great in the power devices or tools industry, with almost seventy years of experience. The WEN 4214’s4214’s flexible schedule and a group of components will make certain to address the issues of most craftsmen out there.

This drill press is genuinely incredible. It accompanies a ⅔-HP inductive engine with a rating of 5 amps. At that rating, you get a drill press with sufficient ability to bore through a wide assortment of materials, going from woods to thick metal sheets.

The WEN 4214’s4214’s engine accompanies variable speed to permit you to adjust to the requirements of the material you are bored with. For example, materials require low rates, while wood is best bored at high speeds.

With its variable speed of somewhere in the speed range of 580 and 3,200 RPMs, this drill press is sufficiently flexible to chip away at a wide scope of materials. We additionally liked that you can change speeds on the fly, in this way saving you time. A digital or computerized readout meter permits you to monitor your paces.

This drill press accompanies a table estimating 9½ by 9 ½inches, which ought to be sufficiently huge to oblige the vast majority of your workpieces. The table can slope 45 degrees to one or the other side to permit you more noteworthy power over your work.

Different components you will like are the X-cross hair laser system and locally available work light that forestall the event of mistakes. Solidness or durability ought not to be an issue on account of its cast-iron development.

The main issue with this drill press is that it doesn’t pack a sufficient punch to deal with thicker metals. Regardless, when you analyze its quality versus value, there is no question that the WEN 4214 is one of the most outstanding floor drill presses for the cash.

Highlighted Features

  • With vastly factor speed, it will convey equal torque all through the reach.
  • Incorporates locking direct profundity stop to guarantee repeatable boring tasks.
  • Two years of warranty which is great.
  • You will need only 15 minutes to assemble this floor standing drill press.
  • The dimension of the drill press is ‎13.5 x 36.63 x 16.75 inches.
  • It weighs only 89 pounds.
  • An unlimited variable speed goes from 580 to 3200 rpm with a further developed power and speed combo.
  • It has a Powerful 2/3 engine for all hardwood and delicate metal penetrating.
  • Having axle or spindle travel of 3-1/8 inches and a direct profundity stop, the drill makes fine rehashes and stops.
  • A 5/8 inches key hurl helps with adding variations to the penetrating pieces and coming about openings.

JET JDP-17 17″ Drill Press (716300)-best for woodworking

  •  woodworking projects
  •  woodworking projects
  • repetitive drilling


Power Source:Corded Electric
Voltage:115 Volts
Item Dimensions:56 x 23.5 x 15.5 inches
Maximum Chuck: 13 Millimeters
Item Weight:‎187 pounds
Model number:‎JDP-17

Now, if you are searching for an extraordinary floor drill press for woodworking, look no farther than this model from Jet. It has one of the biggest spindle ranges of any drill push available today.

This will permit you to get the profundity you really wanted on your activities rapidly and effectively with a straightforward turn of the handle.

This is additionally probably the least demanding press to change where speed is concerned. Truth be told, all you want is one hand to rapidly and effectively switch between one of the 16 distinct velocities or speeds inside a huge reach, with a liberal upper RPM limit.

One more pleasant component of this press is the enormous grooved table. These grooves simplify it to arrange your undertaking and focus the holes. The table can be dropped far here and there in the help section, which is helpful for bigger projects.

One thing that you should look out for if you do choose this press is the chuck key. It is somewhat lumbering, which, tragically, makes slackening and fixing the chuck to some degree tricky. This is particularly valid for smaller or modest bores.

You wanted to verify that you have fixed the chuck as far as possible each time you use it. In any case, you are obligated to lose your pieces or harm your tasks.

The quill likewise will, in general, vibrate at higher RPM, so make sure to check before you drill with the goal that you are sure you will get the ideal outcomes.

Indeed, it is a great drill press for woodworking and metalworking.

Highlighted Features

  • The number of speeds available is 16.
  • It has a large spindle handle.
  • The table is large.
  • Easier to make repeated holes with it.
  • Has the excellent integration of LED light.
  • The warranty is of 5 years, indeed much longer than other floor drill presses in the market.
  • The lowest and highest spindle speeds are 210 rpm, and the high is 3500 rpm.

Powermatic PM2800B, 18-Inch Drill Press-perfect for woodworking

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  • most floor drill presses


Voltage:115 Volts
Speed:3000 RPM
Product Dimensions:58 x 26 x 15 inches
Weight:246 Pounds

The PM2800B by Powermatic is prestigious for its power, speed, and accuracy. It accompanies a 1-HP, 7.5-amp engine with variable rates of somewhere in the range of 250 and 3,000 RPM to permit you to handle a different cluster of uses.

The PM2800B accompanies a simple-to-utilize plan and a gathering of elements to work with quicker and smoother activities. For one thing, you get a mechanical speed change that permits you to change the RPM without evolving belts. Another extraordinary component is the LCD screen that shows RPM.

This unit is a decent decision for applications that require profound penetrating, as one turn of its handle gives you spindle travel of up to 6 inches.

The PM2800B’sPM2800B’s work table provides a portable fence system to permit you to situate your workpieces without any issues. It additionally keeps your stock from dropping out of the workspace. The table can shift up to 90 degrees to permit you to work at a wide assortment of points, significantly improving your adaptability.

This drill press likewise accompanies a movable material stop that permits you to accomplish steady exactness in monotonous activities.

Its cast-iron base considers more prominent dependability, while the security key it accompanies keeps the press from beginning unintentionally.

This load of components includes some significant disadvantages, as the Powermatic PM2800B is one of the most costly drills pushes available today. Luckily, this expert-grade floor drill press accompanies a 5-year maker guarantee.

Highlighted Features

  • This drill machine is so accurate.
  • It is much easier to adjust the speed levels compared to all the other floor drill presses.
  • It comes with LED light, which is very helpful.
  • It is durable and will last for years.
  • The speed range is 250 to 3000 RPM.
  • Variable speeds are available.

SHOP FOX W1670 1/2-Horsepower Floor Radial Drill Press-beginner friendly

  • Horsepower Floor Radial Drill Press
  • Horsepower Floor Radial Drill Press
  • Horsepower Floor Radial Drill Press reviews


Voltage:110 Volts
Maximum Chuck Size:16 Millimeters
Item Weight:1 Pound
Amperage:5 Amps
Motor:1/2 HP, 110V, 5A
Overall height:Floor model: 64-1/2″
Spindle travel:3-1/4″
The number of speeds:5
Drill chuck:5/8″

There are a few provisions coordinated into the working of this drill press model. A portion of these provisions are interesting, and they add to its champion exhibition.

Shop Fox W1670 has a horizontal sliding headstock that works on the flexibility of this powerful tool.

It empowers it to penetrate the focal point of any material up to 34″ in breadth. You can investigate the sliding component of its headstock to expand the distance between the section up and drill hurl up to 17″.

Shop Fox W1670 is sufficiently adaptable to make straight and calculated drills. The table can make a slant up to 45⁰ left and 90⁰ right.

The whole table can likewise make a point slant up to 90⁰ to one or the other side of the table. With this component, you can make calculated openings without the need to reposition your workpiece each time you drill an opening.

Shop Fox W1670 has a 1/2HP, 110V, 5amp, single-stage 60Hz engine that powers it to make excellent drills on a few surfaces. This engine is a TEFC capacitor start enlistment that guarantees its incredible presentation.

This engine conveys sufficient power for the drill press to penetrate through any material easily. It likewise conveys a variable speed between a scope of 550-3470RPM.

The pinnacle RPM is sufficient to drill any surface quickly, and the variable speed permits the advancement of this drill press model to explicit speed for individual execution.

Shop Fox W1670 has a penetrating limit of 1/2″ breadth on steel, and it conveys a superior limit on significantly gentler materials like wood. With the power arrangement of this apparatus, you can trust it for different expert applications.

Besides how this drill press model accompanies a client manual containing simple working and arrangement methodology, it likewise has a few elements that make it simple to utilize. It additionally has highlights that permit you to make flat bores without pressure.

Shop Fox W1670 has a speed graph added to the repertoire watch for a simple variable speed change. The outline will likewise assist you with distinguishing the pulley blend that you want for a particular speed.

The drill press comes fitted with a profundity stop that reliably allows the many penetrating openings at a preset profundity.

Highlighted Features

  • This drill press is effortless to use and beginner-friendly.
  • The speed feature comes with variable speeds.
  • It is durable and best for someone who is just starting.
  • The dimension of the product is 54.5 x 20 x 10 inches.
  • The table can be tilted to 90 degrees, both left and right.
  • It has two years of warranty.

Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press-premium quality with twin lasers

  • Best Floor Drill Press reviews
  • Best Floor Drill Press
  • Best Drill Press reviews


Item Weight:‎261 pounds
Product Dimensions:‎59 x 30.5 x 13 inches
Power Source:Corded Electric
Voltage:120 Volts
Item Dimensions:59 x 30.5 x 13 inches

In case you are searching for a floor drill press with a strong engine and fantastic execution, the Delta 18-900L is most certainly worth looking at. This unit accompanies a hardcore ¾ HP engine that can deal with a wide assortment of utilizations, making it ideal for both genuine specialists and experts.

The 18-900L accompanies a plan that improves control and flexibility immensely. It has 16 unique speeds to permit you to calibrate the machine to address the issues of various materials.

Furthermore, it is fitted with an adaptable LED work light to permit you better permeability. What’s more, remember, there are a couple of lasers to improve your accuracy.

The Delta 18-900L can uphold bigger workpieces because of its more significant than average table. The table elements a licensed plan that permits it not just to incline 90 degrees to the left and right but also to shift forward from 0 to 48 degrees. It likewise has T-spaces for clipping, just as a removable focus embed.

And be that as it may, it isn’t without its inadequacies. For instance, it includes an auto-tensioning system that doesn’t accomplish sufficient pressure for certain applications. This implies that you may need to put resources into a more limited belt to accomplish more grounded strain.

In any case, the Delta 19-900L is a flexible drill press that will end up being an incredible answer for proficient users, just as committed DIY lovers. While the cost may be somewhat on the exceptional side, it is still an acceptable incentive for cash for the quality and execution you will get.

Highlighted Features

  • This floor standing drill press is very easy to use.
  • The quality of this drill machine is premium.
  • The twin lasers enhance it so much.
  • The quill stroke is 6 inches, and it helps for deeper drilling.
  • The table is very big in this Delta drill press.
  • It gives 5 years of warranty.

These are the top seven best floor drill presses, which are different and unique in the market. These seven drill presses give users what they really need.

Things to Consider Before Buying Floor Drill Press

It is always a wise decision and a clever technique if you do in-depth research before buying anything, know what to look for, and check before making the final decision and then purchasing.

We will tell you about the essential things to consider before buying floor standing drill presses; and drill holes with ease, keep reading.  But know that most floor drill presses have different features sometimes so choose wisely.

It is best to choose the floor standing drills press with variable speed mechanism, powerful motor, versatile drill press, oscillating drill press, good spindle speed, and the highest or higher drilling speed. Then have deeper drilling applications, strong torque drilling capacity, have digital digital speed readout or what we also call digital speed display.

And have key storage, independent depth scale, the ability of repetitive drilling quickly, good work table, great drilling speeds, smooth drilling operations, strong drill bit speed settings, cast iron, spacious work table, onboard key storage, affordable price, depth stop, precision laser, takes just a few seconds to start, built in work light or built in work lamp and more power.

All the features mentioned above make a good drill press or a good drilling machine and helps you to drill comfortably and makes the drilling session very smooth. Most drill presses have powerful motor these days, drilling wood, drilling metal, drilling holes, with those are very effortless. Keeping all these facts in mind pick the best floor standing drill or floor model drill press with a good drill chuck which makes precise holes.

Solid Torque

Boring on wood, everything being equal, can be difficult for most floor-standing drills, particularly those made with lousy quality engines. Consequently, we suggest getting a floor drill press that has a 2/3 HP engine, at least.

Decent Number of Speeds

While getting a floor standing drill press, you’ll need to ensure it has highlights that make penetrating on various kinds of wood something simple.

In that sense, we suggest searching for drill presses with no less than 10 speeds or a variable speed tool that offers endless velocities. Why? Indeed, in light of the straightforward truth that with the more speeds, the simpler it will be to adjust the penetrating rate to the carpentry application you’re chipping away at.

Wide Speed Range

Having a wide speed range is one more element we prescribe woodworkers and carpenters to search for in their next-floor standing drill press. The thinking behind this is that it gives carpenters the likelihood to penetrate various woods and utilize diverse bores without issues.

As you may know, the more extensive the speed range, the more you’ll have the option to adjust the penetrating speed to the carpentry application close by. Hardwoods and metals require lower cycles each moment (RPM) to be bored, while a higher boring speed is needed to penetrate gentler woods.

In that unique situation, going for a floor drill press with a speed range that begins at 200/400 RPM and finishes at 2,500/3000 RPM is sufficient for most carpentry applications (albeit a higher greatest RPM is never awful information!).

Profound Spindle Travel

A quality standing floor drill press should penetrate effectively both in delicate and hard kinds of wood. Furthermore, more significantly, the opening penetration length should be adequate as far as the sort of undertaking you’re chipping away at.

In that sense, the length of the bore and the spindle travel is the thing that will characterize how long the opening you will bore will be. Along these lines, assuming you need to be certain you’re not going to miss the mark, we would suggest a floor drill press with a 3″ to 6″ spindle travel as it’s sufficient for most significant carpentry endeavors.

The Chuck Size

The chuck on any drill press is the three-jawed brace that you fix to hold the piece equitably and safely so you can bore with accuracy. The chuck size on your new press will decide how huge openings you can bore can be since bigger chucks can hold more significant pieces.

Helpful Work Table

The inclination you get when working on a steady and spacious workbench that allows you to bore easily and without vibrations is wonderful.

Knowing this, we don’t have numerous choices, however, to prescribe you to put resources into a floor drill press with an open worktable of basically 14″ by 14″ made of value materials like cast iron and the sorts. This mix will ensure an excellent surface to penetrate and that the engine’s vibrations won’t move to the work table.

LED Lighting

The irritation of not seeing where you’re penetrating is entirely awkward and a significant issue for itemized arranged carpenters. That is to say, and most studios are not adequately enlightened, which is an appalling issue that a heap of carpenters endures.

Going for a standing floor drill press with an implicit LED light that appropriately enlightens the surface being bored shows up as the best arrangement in this unique circumstance.

Weight and Portability

The positive connection between the massiveness of a floor drill press and its penetrating power is a major issue for most workers.

The greater and heavier the floor drill press is, the greater its engine and the greater quality materials it is made of. Be that as it may, the greater the machine is, the greater space it will use in your studio and the more convoluted it will be to collect and ship.


Realizing the standing floor drill press you burned through many dollars in has a solid guarantee program is mind-liberating. That is to say, and you would prefer not to end up calling and sending many unanswered messages to customer care because your floor drill press broke following two or three months of light use, correct?

All things considered, assuming you need to keep away from that, going for a floor drill press with perceived customer service and a solid guarantee of no less than two years is the best approach.

Lastly, ensure to buy the one with a powerful motor, check the speed settings, all the drill bits, good for woodworking projects to drill wood, and see how the hole drilled is with it.

Strictly keep in mind that if you always bore wood, then buy the one which is best for woodworking projects, with solid drill bits, depth stop, as depth stop is very important, then built in work light, and very important have a powerful motor. But research which inch floor drill press you actually need as there are many floor model drill presses.

FAQ ( Frequently asked question )

What Size Floor Drill Press Do I Buy?

You should choose the size of your floor standing drill press according to the work you do daily. If you work on big projects with loads of heavy-duty jobs, go for bigger floor drill presses. And if you are an irregular user, then go for the small ones.

Is A Floor-Mounted Drill Press Really Worth It?

A floor-mounted drill press is absolutely worth it because it is sturdy, stable, and robust.

What types of woods can I use a floor standing drill press on?

Our research has analysed that a quality floor standing drill press can drill on any type of wood, regardless of its size and depth.

How difficult are floor standing drill presses to assemble?

The heavier the floor standing drill press is, the more workers need to collaborate to assemble them. Rather than it, all the instructions are given in the manual guide that comes with it.

Final Words

Choosing anything while purchasing something for the first time can be difficult; that is why we here discussed the top seven best floor drill presses for you. Now pick the best floor standing drill for yourself. And do not forget to pick the powerful drill press or simply the best drill press.

We bet this is the best floor drill press review which will help you a lot.


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